Tim Bateman

Tim is a current graduate student under Dr. Juan Villalba at USU. His research emphasizes mapping and exploring the historic trend of medusahead using remote sensing techniques. His goal is to accurately map and better understand the invasive properties of medusahead to improve and protect western rangelands. Tim has been involved heavily with rangeland research at USU. He has taken part in research conferences for both the Wildlife Society and Society for Range Management. As an undergraduate Tim was secondary author on a paper identifying the supplement preferences of elk to potentially aid in improving rangeland conditions.

  • Braithwaite, H., Bateman, T. M., Veblen, K. E., Thacker, E. and Villalba, J. J. (2016), Identification of elk preferences for different diet supplements. Wildl. Soc. Bull., 40: 368–374. doi:10.1002/wsb.633

Tim has worked for ORC since 2014. He has worked closely with Eric and his experience includes working on several federal and state projects that have assessed riparian and rangeland conditions across large landscapes.

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